Playstation – Classic Games You Should Play Part 2

Final Fantasy Tactics
At the time of its release, the Final Fantasy series had already had many successful games released in its name. Final Fantasy Tactics however, would be the first strategy role playing game released in the Final Fantasy series. The result was an excellent and deeply customizable game that many consider one of the best games ever. Final Fantasy Tactics has nearly an unlimited supply of characters and customization from classes, weapons, armors, skills, and accessories. Not to mention the loads of unlockable content as well. The story is excellently written although it can be hard to follow at times and is deeply political. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on this nearly perfect game.

Azure Dreams

Azure Dreams is something of an oddity in and of itself. You could label it as a role playing game, but it is completely non-linear and is more like a main story driven game with loads of additional side quests and activities that will distract you from your main goal. There is only a single dungeon in the game but it comes in the form of a gigantic monster tower with many floors you must ascend to complete the game. However, as you gain treasure and weapons from doing battle in the tower you are able to build and design an entire town. There are also monster training elements that come in the form of recruit able familiars, and even a dating simulator. This game is truly a diamond in the rough.

Suikoden 2

Continuing off of the success of its predecessor, Suikoden 2 is hailed as one of the greatest games and role playing experiences of all time. The series returns the 108 recruit able stars of destiny, and maintains the excellent and simple combat system of the original game with a few twist thrown in. There are reoccurring characters in the cast and the player is once again able to build an entire fortress for his ever growing army. The duels have returned as has the massive army battles, but this time they are more strategic and an improvement over the first game. The story is what garners Suikoden 2 all of its accolades and may be one of the best ever written for a video game. If you only play one game recommended out of this entire classical series, let Suikoden 2 be it. You will not be disappointed.

Vandal Hearts 2

The original Vandal Hearts accrued a very passionate following and many were hoping that the second installment would be just as magical. While Vandal Hearts 2 did make a few changes to the original formula many fans of the series were still happy with the final outcome. In the second game, there are many more customization options which allow any character to become basically any class based on their equipment and starting statistics. The battle system also received a few tweaks which allowed now for both sides of the battle to attack at the same time. This causes some initial confusion at first, but the player quickly becomes used to the new system. The story is excellently written again, but like Final Fantasy Tactics can be confusing at certain points and is deeply political.

Project Overkill

Project Overkill is a third person shooter in which you control a team of operatives on a distant planet. There are different characters you can play as at any time, all of whom have special advantages and disadvantages. The game features a branching story path with multiple missions that can be completed in any order, each with its own back-story and objectives. The game can be quite challenging but the game play is excellent and quite graphic. Fans of first person shooters who don’t mind getting used to the third person perspective will low the action and carnage found in Project Overkill.

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