People just want to know about Clash of Clans

Since 2012 Clash of Clans is ruling the mobile gaming industry. The game can be played with the same satisfaction on Android and iOS platforms. Although it is running for many years because of its regular updates, people want to learn more about this game. The success of the game lies in the fact that you would find over thousand video posts showing various tricks and strategies to play the game. This is free from any clash of clans cheats so each one is playing the same game. Only the genuine gamer can reach higher levels. But the new entrants can also enjoy the game by learning various tricks and strategies of Clash of Clans (COC). Undoubtedly the most wonder freemium game. In this, you protect your village and move ahead to raid neighboring villages. Let us learn some tricks of COC.

Defeat other gamers and upgrade barracks and all

Along with the trophies that you earn by reaching various levels of the game you collect resources. By defeating other players you improve upon your resources. But initially, you do not get the required troops to make victories. So while playing in the initial stages concentrate on upgrading the different resources as gems, gold, etc.

Gems – To buy gems one requires real money. This highly valuable item is utilized to speed up your working. As to build a structure you can hire more builders and also boost up the resources.

Gold – Gold is used by the gamers to upgrade buildings as the Town Hall. When you make raids to hire more warriors you require gold.

Elixir – The troop spells are upgraded by training with elixirs.

Dark Elixir – Dark Elixirs which comes little later in the game in the seventh is used to upgrade the DE troops.

Some important tips for the new gamers

If someone has joined in to play Clash of Clans you should never waste gems. You procure gems not easily so always be very specific in spending gems. If you do not want to pay in real money terms then gems should be used only to acquire some permanent items. Sometimes a proper choice has to be made by the gamers in spending gems is to whether speed up some production or get some permanent assets. Clash of Clans is a strategic game and so patience is of utmost importance. New gamers can adopt another way to utilize the time required in upgrading the troops. During this period they can play some other game which would help to release boredom. Though a strategic but still you can progress in the game only if you have enough resources.

Collect as many resources in the form elixir and gold from the collector buildings.

Plan successful raids on the camp of another player and increase your resource and trophies.

The Goblin Map of a single player can also increase gold and elixir collection.

The game gradually unfolds one level after the other with more and more excitement. So if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest extent play smartly with required precautions.

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