How to Stay Connected to the Internet on the Go

If you’re away from home a lot, you probably want to stay connected to the internet on the go. A couple of years ago, this would sound far fetched. Luckily, modern technology has brought us many solutions this problem. Portable devices that can surf the web are selling like hotcakes now. Everyone wants to stay productive on the road. There are larger, less portable portable devices; then, there are smaller, more portable portable devices. Today, we’re going to focus on two types: Netbooks and smartphones.
Let’s start with netbooks. You’ve probably heard of the Asus EEE PC. Netbooks are much like laptops, but they are slightly toned down. The reason I consider them a portable device is the fact that they are small. Most come in 10.2 inches or 8.9 inches. They fit nicely in your bag, and they do most of the things that a desktop can do. The newer models usually come with the Intel Atom processor (1.6Ghz). Some netbooks come with built in 3g. With netbooks, you can easily handle all your online needs on the go. Not only that, but they run full on windows, so you can edit office files and do some photoshopping. Most netbooks can handle some light gaming, like Warcraft 3. Some higher end models can even run games like Call of Duty 4, for example, the Asus N10. Even though netbooks can handle just about everything, they’re not quite portable enough for everybody. But, there is a solution…

Smartphones. Everyone likes to surf the web, and everyone likes to check their emails. But most of all, everyone wants to do it all on their phone. Dumbphones like the Motorola RAZR are losing prominence. Everyone is willing to pay the price for more functions. I know you are probably thinking Iphone right now, but there are a lot of phones out there that may be better suited for you. The reason Iphone has so many buyers is not because it’s the best, but it’s because of hype. Iphone is more of a media phone. When it comes to play, Iphone is definitely up there. But when it comes down to functionality, you’re going to have to go with Windows Mobile or Blackberry. These are designed for productivity. Personally, I haven’t really played around much with Blackberrys, but I do know that they are great for business. It has the best and most responsive email client out there. It comes preinstalled with many applications that are essential for business, and they come with some pretty good plans too. Windows mobile is definitely up there when it comes to functionality, but the only downside is the clunky and dysfunctional interface. Companies like HTC try to solve this problem with their own custom interfaces, some of which solve the problem. Touchflo 3d really makes life a lot easier for me! Anyways, Windows mobile is a platform that any company can put into their devices, not just Microsoft. This means that there are a wide variety of Winmo phones that may be designed for different purposes or audiences. Generally, Windows mobile is a quite flexible platform compared to the others(other than the upcoming Android platform). Personally, I have used both Iphone and Winmo, and I feel that Winmo runs circles around Iphone in terms of functionality, but Iphone is better for play.

All in all, there are many options when it comes to mobile internet. While netbooks can do everything you need in a desktop, they do are not quite portable enough for all. While smartphones are ultra portable and still have numerous functions, they are not quite powerful enough. There are many more options of course; I’m just covering my two favorites. It all just depends on what you need most really!

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