Helpful Hints for the Game Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

Twisted Lands is a big cauldron of stew and as you stir the pot and peer into its depths for undetectable stuff you will encounter zombies, creepy ghosts and perhaps a cloaked cult. The visual work is of the highest order.
As with many casual video games of this variety, you have to be a specialist handyman, repairing fuses, updating equipments, tightening up a leaking fire hydrant, and many more. Sparkles will let you know a new cache for disguised objects. You may get hold of tools and icons, door handles, and a myriad of other stuff which you will need to use somewhere on something.

Twisted is a very polished play. The surroundings are expertly accomplished from fog-enshrouded trees, to waves lapping on the shore, to spooky caverns and houses stacked with junks to a brilliant submarine waiting so you might rev up and get away the Twisted Land – if you can.

The storyline is stimulating and the ending is a humdinger. You are going to spend the game looking for your spouse, Angel, after your vessel has flushed up and crushed on an odd shore. You will find personal diaries of people who have inhabited the unusual island where you will be mired, and their ghosts will slither into a lot of views; blue-tinted and ethereal. The tunes will help you get into a chilled feeling, the cadences whispering, insinuating, and hovering there like a miasma.

You’ll have to backtrack oftentimes and investigate regions which you already have gone to, but with a different group of hidden stuff. Then again, I did not mind in any way browsing the same views all over again as I just prefer to meander around and it can be mind boggling the way the graphic designers manage to cram a great number of items into a scene.

There are no flowers to smell, but there’s a great deal to engage your senses and keep your hands hectic from gathering things. The mini games are hard enough to be exciting but are not excruciatingly complicated, without stuffer such as jigsaws and connecting pipes or matching pairs. This game is a class act!

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