Earning and Using the Diamonds in the Hay Day Game

The game hay day is very popular because of many reasons and one of its reasons is the diamond use. Through diamonds you can instantly level up and do different tasks quickly. The following are the steps through which you can earn free diamonds instantly.

Use the Diamonds Sparingly

The use of the diamonds can be incorporated to build and research things automatically instead of waiting for huge amount of time. By the use of the diamonds you can easily make your level up and increase the progress of the game. But you have to limit the extent of use of the diamonds because you have to collect the diamonds while playing the game as well. The longer time you are playing the game, the greater are the chances that you are making diamonds. You are advised not to waste the diamonds in the early stages of the game.

Leveling up through Game

You are having 30 diamonds by the time you are registering for the game at the beginning. However, you are constantly getting the coins as you are leveling up through the game. Leveling up the game is the main source of acquiring the diamonds. However you have to spend the diamonds sparingly. You can get the diamonds through money or credit card.

Logging in the Game through Facebook

You can make diamonds by logging in to the game through your Facebook account but you can’t use the hay day hack ios if you do so. You will get five or more coins each time when you log in to the game through Facebook. You can also visit through the farms of your friends when you log in to the Facebook.

Watch Trailers by Clicking on the Purple Ticket

You can click on the purple ticket and watch different trailers if you want to earn diamonds and level up through the game. You are allowed to watch the 30 seconds game trailers and then get rewarded with the coins.

Complete Achievements

You can also complete an achievement and earn the diamonds whenever you play the game. Some of the achievements are comprising of the completion of 2000 truck delivers and helping the visitors to visit the farms and placing ads on the newspapers.

Diamonds through Mining

You can also earn diamonds through the use of mining. Mining starts at the level 24 and unlocking the mine is costing you 26 thousand coins. You can also make the use of shovels, TNT, and Dynamite etc.

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